Chris Kimber

Music for Reiki healing

(As released with the "Mind Body Spirit" partwork)

This was the second album produced for the “Mind, Body, Spirit” series and enjoyed a modestly successful worldwide distribution.

This was my also my first introduction the to concept of Reiki Healing and I wanted to create music directly using the five Elements involved.

“Water” uses a lot of natural sounds of water in its various cycle stages, and “Wood” was played by me almost entirely on Marimbas with just one other Synthesised sound added for texture.

The publishers of the partwork suggested I play natural drums for “Earth” and I really enjoyed hand playing all the parts in (no loops used here!)

“Metal” uses a variety of my own metallic percussion instruments, including some Wind Chimes made of keys! “Fire” then concludes the album with a descriptive interpretation of small flames growing to explosive fire and gradually burning to glowing embers - the most energetic track so far in the series.

I hope you enjoy these tracks either as stand alone pieces of music or for your own Reiki sessions.

I am always delighted to receive requests for use of my music as background for events, videos etc and I am willing for it to be used in this way (with permission) but please don’t simply give it away freely as that isn’t fair!

If you have a more commercial project in mind please do  get in touch.

Thanks, and enjoy!


Track List:-

1. Water

2. Wood

3. Earth

4. Metal

5. Fire

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A collection of five original and inspiring tracks to enhance your experience of the healing art of Reiki. Each track represents each of the 5 basic elements and can be used for Reiki sessions as well as general relaxation.

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Elements - Chris Kimber