Chris Kimber

Musician & Composer

WELCOME to my site!

I am a musician and  a composer of New Age, Choral, Instrumental and Percussion Group music.

I was once given the opportunity of writing a series of music for the internationally successful partwork series "Enhancing your Mind, Body and Spirit" , where the first album (Tranquility) sold over 400,000 in the UK alone.

These albums were all produced for the series and cover a variety of styles of relaxation and meditation. They were originally only available from the Partwork publishers and have never been released into music shops. The fact is that I was indeed offered a publishing deal for my music from one of the major New Age labels. I turned it down, as I was rather appalled by the percentage of the sale price which was going to a variety of other people (all of course playing their genuine part in the music sales business) that I could see that with record stores in decline (bye bye HMV!) that I might as well self publish - so here we are!


So I have re-mastered all the albums slightly, mostly deleting track separations so each album flows more smoothly, and created some artwork. I have also created a new compilation album with some of my personal favourite tracks from the relaxation and healing albums that were created.

There may be another compilation of the other three soon!


I really hope you enjoy my music as I do and that it can help you relax, rejuvenate or help you in any way you want. Please do spread the word if you like it as well!!


I am always happy to receive requests for people to use my music as background for various projects and providing it is not for profit the answer is usually yes :-) If you have a more commercial venture in mind then it would only be reasonable to negotiate. Please, as is the usual mantra, don’t give the music away freely. Thanks.

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Do watch this video which gives a sample of many of the tracks from my albums.

Here are all available albums. Some of these are also available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify etc.

You can order a physical CD or an immediate download. Follow the links to each albums page directly.



A collection of six inspiring tracks of calming ambient sounds and rhythms to soothe body and mind.

Guaranteed to send you to sleep in minutes!

Tranquility relaxing music to aid sleep
Elements - Music for Reiki healing



Music for Reiki Healing.

A collection of five original and inspiring tracks to enhance your experience of the healing art of Reiki.

Each track represents each of the 5 basic elements and can be used for Reiki sessions as well as general relaxation.

Vibrations music to balnce your Chakras by Chris Kimber



Music for balancing your Chakras

A collection of 14 original tracks specially composed to stimulate and balance each of your body's seven Chakras.

Each Chakra is represented by two music tracks, the first being based almost exclusively on the Chakra's defined pitch, this is then followed by Chakra enhancing music based upon the tonal centre of the previous track. The album can be enjoyed as a whole, or the seven Chakra tracks can be played for a shorter complete balance.


Om Shanti - music for practising Yoga by Chris Kimber

Om Shanti


Music for practicing Yoga

A collection of 10 inspiring tracks that will help you to structure your Yoga exercises and maximise your well-being.

Each track is designed to complement a specific section of Yoga training. Use them to time your exercises or simply relax into their gentle and inspiring sounds.

Oracle - music for practising I Ching by Chris Kimber



Music for practicing I Ching

A collection of 8 inspiring tracks that will help you to concentrate on I Ching and get the most from its interpretations.

The album features 8 tracks which will relax and inspire you.

Eulogies - music to celebrate the soul by Chris Kimber



Music to celebrate the soul

A collection of 8 original tracks to help the soul on its continuing spiritual voyage.

Beautiful melodies and haunting atmospheres make this a soothing journey through the variety of celebrations from around the world.

Holism - World healing


World Songs of Healing

Eight truly inspirational tracks inspired by various traditional world healing techniques.

Use this to relax or uplift yourself to a feeling a greater well-being.

Moonlight Rhythms - Chris Kimber

Moonlight Rhythms

Over 1 hour of beautiful and soothing music composed originally for the "Mind, Body, Spirit" series.

This has been created from my personal favourites from the relaxation and healing albums and takes you on a seamless journey of inner peace.

A most beautiful album suitable for relaxation and calm.

I also have a YouTube channel “Chriskimbermusic” which contains some edits and videos I have put together. I hope to add more interesting content to this during 2016!